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How can we know that training will genuinely make a difference?

Most organisations are besieged by consultants offering to train them in various skills such as emotional intelligence, leadership, selling, negotiation and so on. But how can we know if any given training intervention will actually work or not? It’s important

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How can managers make a speedy, successful transition into larger roles?

On being promoted into a larger role, many managers experience some disorientation and find that they aren’t as effective as they would wish to be.  How can managers help themselves to make a speedy – and successful – transition?  

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What are the characteristics of good quality feedback and criticism?

Few people enjoy being criticised.  Yet constructive, carefully-phrased criticism is a potent tool.  Organisations that foster a culture of constructive criticism find that their teams perform more strongly.  Individuals who seek out criticism and feedback about themselves learn more quickly

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How can a business get the best Return On Investment (ROI) from coaching?

Coaching can be a powerful tool for developing managers.  Unfortunately, a lot of coaching can be either ill-conceived or entirely ineffective.  When should you – and when should you not – bring in an external coach?  And how do you

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