Executive Assessment

“Having pulled together a shortlist of candidates for a client, Talentspace provided our client with an insightful assessment of the strengths and ways of working of each candidate. The assessments gave our client much greater confidence in selecting the successful candidate.” – Jamie Robertson, Partner, executive search firm Odgers & Berndtson.

The total cost of hiring the wrong person can be many times their salary.  An employee further down the organisation has limited scope to either add or destroy significant amounts of value; however, a manager or executive can have either a strikingly positive or negative effect on an organisation.

Executive assessment aims to predict whether a candidate can make a successful transition into your organisation.  The managers you’re thinking of hiring have of course been successful in the past – but can they transfer their skills into your organisation with its own particular culture, processes and ways of working?

Both our clients and candidates tell us that the Talentspace half-day assessment is one of the most rigorous and insightful assessment processes available on the market.

The Talentspace executive assessment process uses a combination of a challenging 2-hour business case test, an in-depth interview, and carefully chosen psychometric tests. Using a business case test allows us to observe candidates’ actual behaviour rather than rely too heavily on interviews and personality tests which only ask them how they think they behave.

The 2-hour business case test comprises market analysis exercises, tests of financial understanding, and a stand-up presentation exercise.  Using this combination of activities alongside tests measuring both personality styles as well as leadership aptitudes allows us to assess candidates not only on their charisma and personal effectiveness but also their strategic thinking and commercial acumen.

Our half-day assessment allows us to identify:

  • A candidate’s current strengths and development needs
  • Their fit with your organisational culture and values
  • An indication of their future potential and performance

Afterwards, we write a detailed report which can be based either on our research-validated leadership capabilities or your organisation’s capabilities or competencies. Ultimately, our goal is to help you to understand candidates’ true strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to select the very best person who will add the most value to your organisation.

Executive assessment also accelerates on-boarding of individuals joining your organisation by pointing out how best to support them in delivering results quickly.