When hiring, what are the most effective – and ineffective – interview questions to ask candidates?

Candidates don’t always tell the truth. Some exaggerate while a few may outright lie about their skills and experience. So what questions should managers ask during selection interviews – and what questions should they avoid – if they want to

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How can managers make a speedy, successful transition into larger roles?

On being promoted into a larger role, many managers experience some disorientation and find that they aren’t as effective as they would wish to be.  How can managers help themselves to make a speedy – and successful – transition?  

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Want to read The Sunday Times’ guide to successfully recruiting and interviewing candidates?

The Sunday Times commissioned Talentspace to write a book on Successful Interviewing and Recruitment.  The first edition of the book came out in 2008 but was successful enough to warrant a second edition which was published in 2010. The book

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What competencies or capabilities are associated with high performance at work?

Based on the results of extensive research interviews with high achievers in both the profit and non-profit sectors, the book The Extra One Per Cent (written by Talentspace director Dr Rob Yeung) looks at the capabilities – or ‘competencies’ –

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What are the characteristics of good quality feedback and criticism?

Few people enjoy being criticised.  Yet constructive, carefully-phrased criticism is a potent tool.  Organisations that foster a culture of constructive criticism find that their teams perform more strongly.  Individuals who seek out criticism and feedback about themselves learn more quickly

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How can organisations make change happen more effectively?

In tough times, the pace of change only seems quicker.  This short article from Accountancy magazine discusses briefly some of the challenges – and possible solutions – for tackling employees’ resistance to change.  

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What are the pros and cons of using personality tests in the workplace?

Given Talentspace’s deep experience of assessing senior individuals within the banking and finance sector, Finance Week magazine asked for an article on the potential benefits and pitfalls associated with using personality tests at work.  The article is reproduced in full

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How can structuring a selection interview make it more effective?

Many managers believe that they are good judges of character.  Unfortunately, many line managers overestimate their ability to spot strong candidates and weed out weak ones.  In this article from the Executive Appointments section of The Sunday Times, Talentspace director

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